The Company


Concept Projects Australia is a value and solutions driven workplace, successfully delivering projects across

Australia and changing lives around the world.

Established in 2008, Concept Projects has consistently exceeded expectations with our service-based culture that puts our clients at the forefront of our thinking and makes you a part of the process from the beginning.

We are disruptors and we are determined to change the way the construction industry operates. With our work ethic of transparency, honesty and positivity, we are committed to delivering your best ideas with our unparalleled practical experience and unlimited potential.

Our purpose is what motivates us and our people are what differentiate us from the competition. We embed

performance, success and creating a positive impact for our clients, our workers and the global community.

When you become a part of the Concept Projects team we maintain open lines of communication and an

environment of collaboration throughout the planning and construction process. We are client facing, customer

focused and project ready.

Concept Projects Australia is ‘built differently’ to other companies in the construction sector. Focused on humans and completely client-centric, we are dedicated to delivering concise, collaborative planning and transparent, on-budget projects that not only meet the brief but also surpass expectations on high-end construction development and management services.

Built on a foundation of responsibility and accountability, the Concept Projects team is laser-focused on our three main values of ‘People, Performance and Purpose’. We are in business to create positive outcomes, where our work ethic and your intrinsic vision coincide.

Concept Projects forges strong relationships with our customers, subcontractors and supply chain. We are committed to doing zero harm for all our people and we actively promote Mates in Construction whose work in suicide prevention provides proactive and responsive support for industry workers suffering with mental health issues.

Our values-focused operation is designed to deliver best practice throughout all aspects of the planning and execution of every project we undertake. We are proud to be an ‘employer of choice’ for our people and a ‘company of choice’ for our clients who consistently and statistically demonstrate their support for Concept Projects Australia with a rating of 85% repeat business since our inception in 2008.

When you choose Concept Project Australia you are not only making a good choice for your business, you are making a good choice for humans in need all over the world. When we commit to your project we are also committing to a project for a community in need from our own bottom line. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to build it…

‘Performance and People’ are the two pillars at the core of Concept Projects Australia. Our ongoing development and innovation in every aspect of the construction industry and our 85% record of repeat clients has solidified our position as a company of choice throughout our industry.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our motivations and our values.

Our motivations are client-focused projects that inspire us to redefine our potential and develop bespoke solutions that reflect our work ethic and your intrinsic vision.

Our values are transparency, honesty and collaboration. We believe that responsibility and accountability are vital to the construction industry. We provide friendly, efficient, end-to-end management that you can rely on to deliver your project, on time and on budget.

CPA are experts at macro-micro perspective. We are constantly and simultaneously focused on the big picture of your overall construction goals as well as being across the vital minutiae inherent in any project.

Our exhaustive and systematic approach to planning every detail of your project demonstrates the simple pride that Concept Projects Australia takes in the trust and confidence of our clients

We believe in ‘Performance and People’ and in the power of making good choices. Cut out the noise and clutter of the modern construction industry and speak to a company of client-centric humans dedicated to making a positive impact.

We are Concept Projects Australia and we are building for the future.

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We are committed to giving, both locally and internationally. We structure giving into everything we do, its part of who we are.

We believe in business for good and in the power of an entrepreneur. We along with the Human Kind Project are committed to rally humans together to be part of the solution to ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and ending world hunger by the year 2030.

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The Boomerang Effect

A comprehensive mind program for achievement, success and well being

The Boomerang Effect (BE) has been in existence for some 15 years. It is a performance and well being program that assists individuals to optimise and maximise their best selves.

BE’s origins lie in elite sport. Some of Australia’s leading world class athletes and professional teams have used the Boomerang Effect system of success.

The program is now used in multiple schools, universities and leading businesses.

Resiliency, purpose and meaning, flow, consistent processes, accountability, life balance, mindfulness and visualization are but a few of the key areas the program focuses on.

We believe that what you put out is what you get back and at Concept Projects Australia…We are built differently.

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