The Boomerang Effect


The Boomerang Effect was conceived by the husband and wife team, John and Theresa Novak, who both ascribe to the central theme of Boomerang Effect, namely, “What you put out is what you get back in return”. With this tenet in mind, they launched Boomerang Effect Company dedicated to delivering a positive message and to teach strategies, skills and practical solutions for success & resilience in sport, business and school

The Boomerang Effect program was introduced to Concept Projects Australia by it’s director Matthew Connolly who had met the founder Johnny Boy Novak through business associates, Johnny was mainly working with elite sporting stars when Mr Connolly threw around the idea of applying the Boomerang Effect program into business. Mr Connolly thought their were direct similarities between what Concept Projects Australia faced on a daily basis and what an elite sportsman would face in preparation for a big game. The rest is history.

The Boomerang Effect program has been run at Concept Projects for the last 3 years and whilst business was good before the program we have really seen a shift in everyones mental toughness and wellbeing which we attribute to the Boomerang Effect. It has really taught the company the power of being positive, not in a kooky way but in a practical way. It has improved decision making both at work and in everyones home life. It brings a support system to the workplace to deal with adversity and teach you how to overcome anything in a positive and powerful way.

With over 25 years experience working with small & medium businesses as well as large companies, John delivers keynotes, workshops, leadership group and speeches on a range of topics including well-being, team cohesion, leadership success, stress management, motivation, mindfulness, will power, and cultural evolution of your business. Boomerang Effect business model is innovative, dynamic and aims to optimise you ‘human assets’, the people that make your business flourish.

John has delivered keynote speeches to the following organisations:

Ernst & Young • Pepsi Co • Telstra • Reebok • Alcon • MBF • Today FM • Munich Insurance • National Institute of Accountants • International Fitness Convention • TAFE • National Heart Foundation • Quit For Life GIAI Academy • International Association of Fitness Professionals • Business and Professional Women • Starlight Foundation • SIDS • Uncle Toby’s Ironman Super Series • ANZ Bank • Marketing Women Mentor Program • Law Australia • Flight Centre • Hooker Real Estate Bondi Junction • Jack Newton Junior Golf Clinics • EL Mortgages and many more.

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Matthew Tucker