Meet one of our commercial managers


Matthew Tucker

Meet one of our commercial manager Matthew Tucker, while during the day Matthew is managing millions of dollars worth of construction projects outside of working hours he has found himself a unlikely passion, well unlikely if you knew Matthew before he took it up.

Matthew has made a name for himself around Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with his eclectic drone and ocean photography. We sat down with Matthew earlier this week to congratulate him on 10 years at Concept Projects Australia and to ask him a little more about his new found hobby.

Q: So Matthew can you tell us a little bit about how you got into drone photography?

A: It was quite random, while shopping in Harvey Norman one day I walked past the drones and decided to buy one, I picked it up and walked to the counter, paid for it and that was it. I haven’t really looked back since.

Q: Had you ever been into photography before?

A: Not at all, I didn’t realise the drones had cameras at first, I purchased it purely to fly around but as I grew in confidence with the drone I started taking photographs and posting it to my Instagram. People seemed to love it, I guess mainly because commercial drones were relatively new at the time and it showcased a new perspective people had not seen before.

Q: What do you have planned for your photography in the future?

A: I haven’t figured that out quite yet, right now it is just a hobby however it would be amazing to take it seriously at some point in my life and see where I can take it. A wise man once told me play it as it lies so I am just doing that for now.

Q: Have you been approached by anybody to do photography for money?
A: I have, I usually turn it down because I don’t want the pressure at the moment, I want to enjoy photography for what it is and have fun with it. I have worked with brands on campaigns but I tend to knock back 10 for every one I choose to work with.

Q: What brands have you been approached by?
A: I have done work for Google, YouTube music, Daniel Wellington watches and Go Pro. It has been a great experience to work with these companies and my knowledge from Concept Projects Australia has translated into how I deal with those companies in my photography works.

Q: Touching on Concept Projects Australia, you have worked here for the past 10 years, first of all congratulations and can you tell us a little bit about your time at Concept Project Australia?

A: Thank you, well it has been a blast over the last 10 years, to see the company come from a small 2 person operation to the amazing company it is today is really satisfying knowing I have been a part of the growth and success of the company. I have learnt so much about business and life, dealing with adversity day in and day out with amazing support around you makes it easy and enjoyable to come to work.

We started the Boomerang Effect program about 3 years ago with all staff and it has grown me a person more than I could have ever expected. I am really grateful as I am sure all the staff are that Concept Projects looks after us and supports us in and out of work.

Well thank you Matthew its been a pleasure working with you over the last couple of years and we all cant wait to see what the next 10 years bring. We thought it would be rude not to show some of Matthew’s work so here you go, if you like any you can purchase the prints on Matthew’s website make sure you check it out.

Matthew Tucker